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City Transformation through Collaboration and Partnership: The Kingston Open Bible Church and the Ministry of National Security, Jamaica

Recent BGU Doctoral Graduates, Class of 2014

*Video* Hear the words of recent BGU graduates from our masters degree programs

Bryan and Andrew Feil

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The 2014 Bakke Graduate University Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations to the Cass of 2014

Click on the play icon to view the entire cereomony in Seattle held on June 7, 2014

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Who has the best transformational leadership degree?

Who has the best transformational leadership degree? What are you looking for? Learning that not only informs, but forms, and ultimately transforms? At Bakke Graduate University, we don’t just explore ideas, we activate them. We’re about changing perspectives and inspiring action. Is that you?

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BGU’s Eight Perspectives - Leadership Definitions

All BGU courses incorporate one or more of the following Transformational Leadership perspectives. The Final Project Proposal should include discussion on how one or more of these perspectives will be demonstrated by the leadership involved in the final project.
1. Calling-Based Leadership. The leader seeks to understand God-given gifts, experiences and opportunities in understanding his/her unique role as a called instrument of Christ’s transforming work in and above world cultures.

Social Entrepreneurship Training & Business as Mission Training

Social Entrepreneurship can be defined as developing businesses and innovative organizations whose purpose is to make a positive difference in society. Sometimes these organizations are said to have a quadruple bottom line of Purpose, Profit, Planet and People meaning that the primary goal of making a difference is sustained through profits, does not harm the environment, and empowers people to realize their potential. Social entrepreneur ventures can be for-profit or non-profit entities -- both are focused on the common goal of social good but one is sustained primarily by profits, the other by donations.

Bakke Graduate University has been focused for the past 10 years on building social entrepreneurs in over 50 nations.

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Synergy of Urban Studies, business and Christian theology

Why urban, business and theology together?

Bakke Graduate University focuses on transformational leadership through three colleges of study: Theology, Business, and Urban Studies. Each of BGU’s five degrees is centered in one of the colleges, but are fully integrated with the other two:

Doctor of Ministry – A practical doctorate focusing on theology applied to leadership

Doctor of Transformational Leadership– A practical doctorate focused on influencing a city, organization or culture.

MBA – A business degree designed to empower a student to lead in the business world with Christian values infused into every area of practice and perspective.

MASCE – 60% taught by business faculty; 40% taught by theology faculty – a business degree designed to give students practical organizational leadership skills directly applied to their current role during their course of study

MAGUL – A degree that connects theology to the core practices and perspectives of relief, development and advocacy in a local city, connected to the movements of God through global cities.

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Best Online Theology School - Bakke Graduate University

Online Theology Degree Programs at Bakke Graduate University

BGU’s unique global network originally founded through the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization has created a unique global expression of Christian theology. BGU’s doctrinal statement is the Lausanne Covenant, [link] created in 1974 from an historical multi-national gathering assembled by Billy Graham and other global evangelical leaders.

Some of the distinctives of BGU’s theological emphasis include:

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Best Online Christian Business School - Bakke Graduate University

Online Christian Business School

Accredited Christian MBA Program Online Classes

BGU’s degrees include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as two joint degrees shared between the business and theology colleges – the Masters in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship (MASCE) which is taught 40% by theology faculty and 60% by business faculty, and the Doctor of Transformational Leadership which has been described as a hybrid degree between a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

BGU’s business school includes principles developed by Dennis Bakke, co-founder of AES, which during Dennis’ term as CEO had 40,000 employees in 36 nations and was the largest independent owner of electricity in the world. Dennis’ 2008 NYT bestseller “Joy at Work” describes the principles developed at AES, which include:

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