A Global Experience
Developing Christ-Centered Leaders Who Change Global Cities

Purpose of BGU


Christ Centered

For many, the phrase "Christ-centered" has a rich meaning of personal faith, love of others, and service for the good of society. We use it because it is familiar to so many. However, we also recognize that it may seem exclusive to others and that is not BGU's intent. BGU's theology degrees teach about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in ways which are common to the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant families of the historical Christian faith. BGU's MBA degree enrolls students who respect the Christian faith tradition but may not consider themselves Christians. These students would choose BGU because they recognize the importance of understanding Christian thought as background to global economics, business ethics and life-balance, but they are not required to sign a statement of belief, nor will they be discriminated against for their views.


Global Cities

The term ‘global city’ is a term developed in the fields of urban studies and used in globalization or world economic studies. It can be use either in its technical sense or in the general sense of a city that influences its nation, region or world. The point is that BGU develops leaders who transform the major influence nodes in our globalize, urbanized world. We steward our call by working with leaders who will transform the primary influence centers of our world in the way that the apostle Paul stewarded his call by working the trade routes of the Roman empire, even to the point of appealing to Caesar in Rome which was the primary node of influence in the world of his age. Global cities are the megaphones of our age in the same way that Rome was the megaphone of Paul’s age.   In the tradition of Paul’s calling, likewise, God has guided us to work with the most strategic leaders in the most strategic influence cities of the world, doing the most strategic work of transforming whole influence centers for God’s purposes. It is a humbling and awesome call.