A Global Experience
Developing Christ-Centered Leaders Who Change Global Cities

About Us


Bakke Graduate University strengthens leaders who steward resources with and for vulnerable people and places, by means of contextual, Christian-based education innovatively delivered throughout the urban world.


Bakke Graduate University (BGU) looks beyond itself to embody the commonly-held vision of an international network. BGU serves and is served by a global network of urban leaders and partners and our vision is shaped by this network and our partners. BGU's vision includes the following key components:

  1. Emerging and Experienced Transformational Leaders
    To strengthen current and future Christian leaders who are rooted in the timeless truths of Scripture, understand context and culture and proactively lead in the midst of today's global realities.
  2. Whole Gospel, Whole Church, Whole World
    To connect the work of international Christian leaders through commonly-held, foundational perspectives of Christian theology and practice including: God's heart for the vulnerable, the call to work for justice, the proclamation of the Gospel, the value of cities, and the necessity to personally live in deepening relational community.
  3. Kingdom Sharing
    To distribute resources - finances, leadership, authority, and insight - throughout the church worldwide. Many cultures that are financially-rich are relationship-poor. Regardless of economic trade policies, God has created a worldwide Kingdom economy that forces interdependence within the church world-wide. BGU's vision is to create the relationships, common values, and communication needed to stimulate the flow of resources to fuel a new era of sharing partnership.
  4. Perspective and Values Education
    BGU provides a worldwide model of graduate education that invites students to evaluate and reinvent how they accomplish their work. This model includes education that results in changed values and paradigms, not just added knowledge. It is accomplished through "come and see" experiences that move students outside of comfort zones into new global realities and is committed to not uprooting students from their current ministry locations. BGU is facilitated by global faculty, global communication tools, and student cohorts diverse in church affiliation - gender, experiences and cultures.
  5. Accessibility to Life-Long Learning
    BGU creates pathways for learning that offer front-line practitioners the hope of life-long, credentialed, high-quality education. Students are given tools to help them learn life-long habits of reflection and theological inquiry in the midst of their leadership action. BGU is not seen as a three to four-year relationship, but a life-long equipping partner, advancing them through degrees and serving them with on-going teaching, networking and platforming opportunities.
  6. Virtual Services
    BGU utilizes technology, travel and network relationships to provide a high-level of service to students in various world locations. BGU is not only 'high-tech,' but also 'high-touch,' emphasizing relationships and the use of technology to dispense information more efficiently and bring community together.