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Developing Christ-Centered Leaders Who Change Global Cities

BGU Staff

Lowell Bakke

Director of DMin Programs;
Student Development Director;
Professor of Pastoral Studies
Director of Theology of Work Certificate Program

    Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 118
    Email: lowell [dot] bakke [at] bgu [dot] edu (Lowell Bakke)

Charles Barber

Director, MBA Programs

     Phone: 1-214-329-4447
     Email:  charles [dot] barber [at] bgu [dot] edu (Charles Barber)

Nathalia Burrowes

eLearning Systems Administrator

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 134
Email: nathaliab [at] bgu [dot] edu (Nathalia Burrowes)

Carolyn Cochran

Director of Operations & Financial Aid

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 115
Email: carolync [at] bgu [dot] edu (Carolyn Cochran)

Steve Coe

Interim Director of MBA Programs; Director of South/Southeast Relations

Phone: 214-329-4447 Ext 120
Email: steve [dot] coe [at] bgu [dot] edu (Steve Coe)

Gwendolyn J. Dewey

Gwendolyn J. Dewey

Director of DTL Programs; Vice President of International Partnerships; Professor of Theology of Work

   Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 119
   Email: gwend [at] bgu [dot] edu (Gwen Dewey)

Debi Maerz

IT Administrator

Phone: 1-214-329-4447
Email: debi [dot] maerz [at] bgu [dot] edu (Debi Maerz)

Dr. Judi Melton

Judi Melton

Academic Dean; Director of eLearning; Registrar; Director of MAGUL Programs; Director of Institutional Assessment; Professor of Academic Writing

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 114
Email: judi [dot] melton [at] bgu [dot] edu (Judi Melton)

William Payne

Director of Final Projects; Professor of Pastoral & Practical Theology

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext.137
Email: bill [dot] payne [at] bgu [dot] edu (Bill Payne)

Veda Ram

Administrative Assistant to Director of DTL Programs

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 119
Email: veda [dot] ram [at] bgu [dot] edu (Veda Ram)

Candida Richards

Online Quality Supervisor

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 123
Email: candida [dot] richards [at] bgu [dot] edu (Candida Richards)

Jennifer Roman


Phone: 1-214-329-4447 Ext. 136
Email: jenniferr [at] bgu [dot] edu (Jennifer Roman)

Brad Smith

President; Professor of Transformational Leadership

Phone: 1-214-329-4447 ext 131
Email: brad [dot] smith [at] bgu [dot] edu (Brad Smith)