A Global Experience
Developing Christ-Centered Leaders Who Change Global Cities

About Us


BGU's values serve as one of the primary distinctives and attractions to students. They create the means for BGU to participate in a larger network of national and international leaders.

  1. We Value the Whole Church
    In response to Christ's command to seek the unity of the body, we celebrate and commit to collaborate with God's Church. Therefore, we will risk organizational, personal and worldview changes that are necessary to see successful partnership and transformation across geographic, ethnic, cultural, denominational, and organizational lines. We also believe that Christ's vision for the cities is bigger than any single denomination and will only be achieved through the wholeness of the Church.
  2. We Value Cities
    For the first time in human history the majority of the world's people live in cities, which are God's gift of refuge, hope and common grace for countless millions. In the Bible there are more than 1000 passages about cities, giving us clues as to how we should live as persons and behave as institutions. Biblically, we see it is essential to value both places and persons. Therefore, we seek both the spiritual transformation of persons and the social transformation of places, until our Lord comes or calls for us.
  3. We Value the Vulnerable
    The Gospel is for all people, which includes the rich, the successful and the powerful in our cities. However, in the Bible we especially notice God's awesome and unrelenting concern for the poor, widows, migrants, unemployed (and underemployed), sick persons, prisoners, aliens, victims and refugees. BGU commits itself to working with the leadership of the city but always in partnership with the vulnerable, who are "equally sinful but most often sinned against."
  4. We Value Justice
    Ministry in Christ's Spirit and example celebrates the indwelling presence of God, who through His Holy Spirit delivers people from their personal bondage to sin and guilt, and also stimulates processes that lead to transformation of and liberation from oppressive and unjust laws and public structures. We call the powerful whom the Lord has raised up in every city to partnerships with the vulnerable so that the Gospel may be understood and the power of the Gospel may be demonstrated in the Church and in the world.
  5. We Value Community
    We believe God's Spirit calls and empowers us to community, and that this calling brings both relational and institutional tension. As a result of this tension we believe that ongoing reconciliation is critically important. We therefore purpose to be a community of people committed to vulnerability and common vision that deals with legitimate conflict in a creative and redemptive manner. For the sake of the Gospel we value diversity and are committed to collaborating with those with whom we may not share total theological agreement.
  6. We Value Doing Theology
    We believe that theological reflection is powerful, relevant and transformational when done in response to injustice and human suffering. This requires bold vision, the ability to adapt to rapid global change and urgent collaborative action from individuals, churches, and mission agencies to bring the whole Gospel to these cities. BGU is committed to providing quality theological education that equips present and future urban leaders for transformational ministry around the world.
  7. We Value the Local Church
    We believe in churches and local ministries that are both signs and agents of God's Kingdom. BGU's goal is to see God glorified in a transformed city, where both storefront and cathedral, small outreach and large non-profit ministries, embody God's Kingdom purposes. BGU is not only committed to those leaders who develop new ministries but also to those who believe in and seek the renewal of historic churches and structures, some centuries old.
  8. We Value Leadership
    Global, urban realities require competent, compassionate leadership in society. Such leaders have been entrusted with much and need continual nourishment, appreciation, encouragement and accountability to grow and sustain their work. Jesus is the message, the model and the method. Leaders following Him must be servant leaders, giving away control by empowering and resourcing others doing Kingdom work to achieve their mission.
  9. We Value Missional Education
    Drawing from the strength of effective indigenous leaders, we believe that learning is best accomplished when theology is studied and applied in the context of mission. BGU is committed to providing quality education accessible to the historically under-represented leaders. The context of education is new urban realities.
  10. We Value Partnerships
    We commit to mutually transformational partnerships that reflect God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The primary life of God from eternity is community, reminding us that we are never more like God than when we are in community and relationships. The primary work of God is in partnership where each member of the Trinity has a primary calling as creator, redeemer and sustainer of the universe, but also each has a mutual investment in the work of the whole. The primary structure of God informs our concept of the family existing in unity, equality and mutual submission within a diversity of roles.
  11. We Value Holistic Mission
    We understand that the Trinity is on mission reconciling us to God, to ourselves, to each other and to our world. The Trinity reconciles individuals, relationships, organizations and cultures long before we arrive so that every person and place is holy ground. Thus God's mission in the world delivers us from seeing only one kind of immediate evangelism as the sum of what the Trinity's mission is about. Mission flowing from the agendas of each person of the Trinity delivers us from the tyranny of pragmatics and particularistic views of our own role in mission.
  12. We Value Work
    We understand our purpose, made in the image of God, is to steward God's creation through our work in community with each other and in submission to God. All work, including work in business, government, churches, non-profit organizations and the family, is valued equally by God as the work reflects His gifts and purpose. In the image of God, we are created to make decisions on behalf of God, held accountable in both process and results by our community and by God.
  13. We Value Business Education
    We define business as the organization of God-given gifts in God-honoring community to produce both process and results that steward God's creation. We recognize that local and global business has both growing influence in our world as well as growing crises of purpose and ethics. BGU is committed to providing quality business education that provides essential and practical business skills from the perspective of its sacred purpose.