MBA 608 People Development and Management – June 2013

Categories: MBA Core
Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

What is traditionally taught as Human Resources elsewhere is taught at BGU as Human Relationships. God created humans to work through their giftedness within the context of healthy personal and institutional relationships. Leaders are responsible to build organizations that do this well, which should result in maximizing organizational goals. This course helps students understand the various types of systems needed for healthy people development and work environments to take place in any marketplace organization or ministry, regardless of the urban arena. Students will learn skills that infuse relational health, empowerment, dignity and transformation into what are often people-insensitive HR activities. Students will gain hands-on experience in key skill areas of labor and employee relations, clear metrics, adequate training, recruitment, hiring, performance management, development and retention/separation of service. Among other models, this course will explore the global paradigm-changing Joy at Work approach pioneered by Dennis Bakke that decentralizes these tasks to front-line work teams around the world, in international and local contexts.

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