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Paul Stevens

The Marketplace Ministry certificate explores the meaning, motivation and practice of marketplace activity from God`s perspective.  Behind this is the conviction that all of God`s people are engaged in “full-time ministry” and doing Kingdom of God work.

The designer of this certificate is Dr. Paul Stevens.  He has been teaching, modeling, writing and advocating this view of ministry for over fifty years, and is the author of multiple books on this topic, including “Work Matters: Lessons from Scripture” and “Doing God’s Business: Meaning and Motivation for the Marketplace.”

The Professor of Record is Dr. Martin deWit.  Dr. de Wit has a DCom in Economics from the University of Pretoria and an MA from Regent College in Vancouver, British Colombia.

This is an important study both for people in pastoral ministry, but also for people whose primary arena of service is in a societal occupation.